I would love to move The Polish Magician over to a server with more space and freedom to make this blog look exactly as I see fit. If you’d like to donate a buck or two to the ‘help magic expand’ fund, or would simply like to buy me a beer, please feel free to click the PayPal donate button below.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and I will thank you personally on here as well! So far I’ve received: $182.99 dollars from Eric Galpin, Piotr Cichecki and Nicholas Holdcraft. Thank You!
A big THANK YOU to Eric’s mom, who put the biggest donation smile on my face yet. Thank you ma’am!

One thought on “Donate

  1. Sitting here having a morning cup of Joe with my mother, and she asked “Why do people have blogs?” This lead to a discussion about how fun they are, and a buddy of mine from Poland that has a great example.

    2Hrs later, after reading everything on your entire site, and several comments like “Ohh my” “adorable” “the dog has a bow tie” “look at that building” “Look a wedding!” “Does he drive a motorcycle?” and several more “ohh wow” “ohh my” She ventured into the donate section.

    “Eric why does he have a donate page?” To which I replied that there are fees and costs associated with providing great photos and stories to the internet people.

    Anyway, here is a cool Benjamin to help the cost and $6.99 for a pack of suds.

    Later buddy!

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