Fishing and stuff

Spent the weekend some 150 miles away from my city. Łagów is a small town wedged between two big lakes. My cousin and his friends spent the weekend fishing while Karolina and I took a paddle boat for a spin, ate some delicious fried fish, and washed it all down with an inhumane amount of alcohol. Well, the first part is true anyway. Realizing very fast that I could never meet the drinking standards set by my cousin and his friends, I simply gave up and enjoyed the night with some fruity drinks; cherry vodka and banana juice.

Tomorrow morning I’m taking a 9 hour train ride to the port city of Gdynia where I will pick up my 4Runner. It finally made it here.


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  1. Mr. Galpin says:

    Excellent news. You can fulfill the 4-runner request! Also didn’t Wes & I teach you anything about booz? Maybe we need to start over.

    1. Rehab is for quitters.
    2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    3. Beer has water in it, so it’s healthy.
    4. Studies have shown that increased alcohol in your diet is actually better for you.
    5. Never loose your tolerance.
    6. Never drink a fluffy drink in public
    7. Everyone blacks out
    8. A 12pack a day keeps the doctor away
    9. When intoxicated Tim Powell is always “RIGHT”
    10. PBR was established in 1844 and won there blue ribbon in 1893. Memorize it for life, someday you will be on a trivia show for millions of quid, and that will be the question.

    Keep the posts coming, until they block this from work, this blog will be part of our office life.


  2. Gus says:

    Hey!!! Your dad stole your girlfriend!

  3. wes says:

    Just remember Evian sells bottled water in Poland too. It is is glass bottles and labeled Smirnoff. Learn to drink it like water. Your liver is an uneeded organ.

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