After many days of playing in the yard I finally managed to get my lawn all ready to go. None of that ‘green-carpet-ready-to-go-lawn’ here. Bought a few pounds of lawn seed and now I get to wait. But my yard is beginning to look normal again, and soon I might even get to park my car here, too. I no longer have 20 foot ditches in front of my house, but now I almost have a road. Weather has been awful lately, mostly cold and rainy. But even on gloomy days like today there are workers out there on the street finishing it up. That’s good news after 5 years of having a dirt road there (only a few months for me, but everyone else around here is sick and tired of walking through mud).

On the photos below you can also see a huge cherry tree on my yard. It’s a very old tree with delicious fruit every single year. Love it. And I got more granite stone as well. Because…you can never have too much granite.