About 5 miles away from my house Wroclaw is building a brand spanking new football stadium to host Euro 2012 FIFA soccer match. I can practically see the five huge construction cranes from my house. Most people are surprised how while we couldn’t build proper flood barriers for years, we’re building this stadium in truly record time. I have mixed feelings about all this. The stadium itself will be nice to have around, surely more events will take place there and it’s really really close. Because of the stadium, all roads around us are getting redone and streets that haven’t seen new pavement for decades are getting ripped apart. Because of Euro 2012 we’re also getting a new airport and the whole city is booming with construction just for that event.

BUT… our soccer team really blows. I’m watching a Poland-Spain match live right now. We’re losing 6-0 but the Spaniards still have 4 minutes to go. Words “holy crap” come to mind when I see our 58th FIFA ranked team try to run along 2nd ranked Spain. We can’t even get the ball. It’s an embarrassment and the match should have been over at half time while we were only losing by 2. Why are we so proud of hosting European Cup 2012 when we won’t even get to play in it? And while it will boost Poland’s presence on the European market, I can already see how the media all over the world will focus solely on all the screw ups that are sure to plague that event from our side; not enough hotels, bad roads, not enough parking, malfunctioning stadium, traffic jams, etc. People in Poland are already talking about it, so it’s bound to come up later.

UPDATE: The match is over, 6-0 it is.

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