I’m getting fat. Those who know me are used to my complaints about my own weight, but when I see myself and my belly on pictures it hits me more than usual. Lack of exercise and delicious polish cuisine rich in fat and carbs is not doing me any favors that is for certain. It also seems that everyone in Poland is dieting. All of my cousins and most of my aunts are on some sort of a diet. It occurred to me yesterday that for once I actually agree with my grandma. She said flat out, “No one in Poland should be complaining. Life must be good here since everyone is dieting. If they had nothing to eat, they wouldn’t need a diet”. It’s a bit extreme I know, but 20 years ago you had to stand in line with a food ticket to get anything for dinner. Now food is easy to come by, and we’re dieting.

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  1. Wes Horton says:

    This looks like the beginning to a really funny Budweiser commercial!

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