Dresden, Germany

Dresden was the European center of art, culture, classical music and science prior to its destruction at the end of WWII in 1945. While the bombing led by British RAF and US Air Force destroyed 90% of the city, even then no one knew exactly why such heavy bombing took place in this very cultural and strategically unimportant city. Today most say it was in revenge for the German bombing of London.

The city, while still full of history and old buildings, didn’t really impress me with what it had to offer. For some reason I expected Dresden to be what Prague is to the Check Republic; a staple everyone has to see for themselves. To me the capital of the Free State of Saxony didn’t really leave that mark. Perhaps the devastation of the city 65 years ago took all that away. The city just lacks the atmosphere.

The church behind the statue of Martin Luther was completely destroyed, rebuild with some original bricks put back into its walls, and open just a few years ago. The gold cross set on top, was forged by a goldsmith in London who’s father took part in the bombing.

One thing we didn’t see was a Volskwagen factory in Dresden where you can see VW’s coming off the assembly line and whisked away to a glass tower. The factory is described in detail here, and we will probably see it next time we’re in the area as it’s only 3 hours drive away from Wrocław.

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