In tonight’s photography class we had a guest speaker that discussed a particular field of photography known as ‘street photo’. Right away we were given a few simple rules to take on street photo; don’t think twice if you can or can’t take the photo, just shoot it, don’t ever pay someone for a picture (it makes them feel and look unnatural), don’t let your subject know you’re shooting them, crop the photo on the spot with the camera in hand so that it’s perfect the way it is and does not need photoshop, don’t ever get in an argument with someone after taking a photo, and always know you can outrun the person you’re taking a photo of in case they get mad.

The guest speaker, Adam, who goes by the name of Edgar de Poray on the web, went into detail how in our society, and most other countries for that matter, people don’t know how to behave once they know a photo of theirs has been taken. Some react with a smile, some ask why you took the photo, others get mad, and in extreme cases people want to fight you for invading their privacy even though you took their photo in public while in the bus for example. Ohh, and yeah, don’t take photos on the bus…there is nowhere to run if that someone get’s really mad.

We were shown a lot of great samples of street photo but honestly it all looked like pure case of luck in most cases. If you’re into architecture you can always take photos of it all around you, same goes for landscapes or macro. But street photo requires a different kind of thinking, and in most cases, pure luck to catch something that is happening just here and now and never again the same way. Either way, the guest was an excellent speaker and a film camera fanatic who doesn’t acknowledge digital cameras.

You can view his site here: