Here are a few more photos from our model photo shoot. The first girl was much easier to photograph as she pretty much knew all the poses and all we had to do is take photos. The second girl was a complete opposite. Not only did she lack natural beauty to be a model (in my opinion), but she was also brand new to modeling and just stood there trying to take tips from her modeling coach. Either way, photographing models is not my thing.

2 thoughts on “Models

  1. I may not be a photographer, but I am interested in photography. Likewise, I may not live in Poland, but I sure am Polish!

    My family is from Poland and I was born in Wroclaw. I love seeing pictures of my native country.

    By the way, the red head is not my favorite. 😛

    • Thank you for stopping by Julia. Wrocław has changed a lot and I think it would make a great vacation spot for you to visit (direct flights into Wrocław are easy).

      And yes, the red head was nobody’s favorite.

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