Prague is Funny

We began our recent trip with a short stay in Prague. We stopped by this city to show it to Jeff. Since I’ve posted a few photos of Prague before, here’s a few shots of Prague’s funny bone. That city is full of humor at every turn.

There was a local drunk fishing out Check coins out of a fountain with a magnet attached to a string; we later confirmed which Check Korons are actually metal enough to pull this off. The circular 5 or 6 seat bicycles seem to be all the rage now, we’ve seen them in Dresden as well. There was also a place where you could buy a brick and write pretty much anything you wanted on it…as you can see for yourself (none of the bricks is mine, just the photo). The wooden Russian dolls with famous and infamous faces were a pretty funny, though I wonder if the order of them displayed was somehow planned ahead.

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