The Train to Heaven

My friends over at Wrocław Daily Photo have already taken a few shots of “The Train to Heaven“,  but there is a small display in the city square with photos and information on how the upright steam locomotive came about. Here’s some info straight from the poster:

The idea of a locomotive-steamengine riding up to heaven appeared in the year 1994. Almost simultaneously, the vision was transferred on canvas and a painting “The train to heaven” was born. After 16 years of idee fixe it has reached its infinite form. Contrary to the laws of gravity, the 25 meters high installation appeared at Strzegomski Square. This corrosive locomotive TY2-1035 has undergone a revitalization, getting a second life as an urban sculpture. This was possible owing to the involvement of the City of Wrocław and Wrocław’s developer company Archicom which undertook this project to commemorate its 20 years of commercial activity in Wrocław.

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