“Dwie Malpy Coffeeshop” (Two Monkeys) has to be the smallest coffee shop I’ve ever been to. It’s got 4 or 5 tiny tables with a nice window area and two arm chairs. Their selection of tea’s and coffee’s however far outnumbers their square footage. It’s very conveniently located right between the city square and one of the main tram stations, and since I’ve past it so many times I had to drop in if only because of their cool logo.

I like their slogan as well: “Because three monkeys is a crowd”. And honestly, had there been more than two people inside it could get a little crowded. No WiFi internet connection though, a big drawback in this day and age.

Found some reviews of this coffee shop here (albeit in Polish): http://www.gastronauci.pl/10072-dwie-malpy-coffeeshop-wroclaw
Their address is: ul. Ruska 10, Wroclaw