Geocaching in Wrocław

Most of my family thought I was nuts when on Sunday I cut a family dinner short to go “treasure” hunting. But sitting for hours on end eating and drinking is really not for me. Walking through brush with a GPS in my hand while people around gave me that “you must be crazy” look is more like it.

I looked up Wrocław on and found that this city had a decent amount of caches hidden all around. It’s definitely not as popular here as in the States, but I found two locations within 5 miles of my house so Karolina and I took Charlie the dog and my GPS out for a walk.

By the way, this here is Charlie. He’s Karolina’s dog, and we try to take him to the park as often as possible. He absolutely loves fetching and he’s got some turbo action going on when he’s going after a stick. I’ll need to record it one day and show you all what I mean.

We found the first cache near a bridge on the river about one kilometer away from where I live. The basic structure of the cache is the same as in the U.S., it even has writing in English and Polish telling people that if found by accident it’s not trash and was left there intentionally. The notepad inside showed that it’s been there for the past three years and the last person to it was there just about a week ago.

We logged in under our code name of ***** & ******* and took out a little pirate key chain as our loot before we covered it back up. Because I couldn’t find anything cool enough to leave in there for others to find, my WET key chain did the trick. Sure it has my name on it, but no one here knows a “Slav”. Our second cache was about another kilometer from there near an old castle, but we weren’t as lucky this time around. We searched high and low, and although we were shown to be 1 meter away from it we just couldn’t find it. After re-reading some clues about it we might go back for a second time soon, but overall our geocaching trip was a success and I recommend it to anyone with a GPS.

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