Today in History

I remember it as if it happened yesterday, but sixteen years ago to the day my family immigrated from Poland to Los Angeles, California. So much has happened in that time and today my sister lives in Hawaii, my parents are still in L.A., and I’m trying to decide if living back in Poland is what I really want to do. Sixteen years is nothing to sneeze at; it means that I am literally more American than Polish since I need to spend 4 more years in Poland to make my life a 50/50 split between the two countries. Well, with my accent and all I wouldn’t completely call myself an American, but you get my point.

Sixteen years in L.A. means Middle School, High School, University, and various jobs that eventually led to a career with some really great companies where I’ve met some truly awesome people I still keep in touch with today. It’s been a fun ride so far, let’s see where the next sixteen takes me.

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