Czesław’s Singing

Czesław Śpiewa – or “Czesław’s Singing” is the name of a band we saw last week at club Alibi in Wrocław. My sitting around on my arse at home paid off, as listening to the radio I overheard of a contest, sent in a text message, and won two tickets to the concert. I’ve never won anything before in my life. Well, there was this one time I won a pumpkin carving contest at Moore Industries, but I carved the company logo into my pumpkin, it was a sure thing!

Born Czesław Mozil, the leader of the band was just five years old when his family emmigrated from Poland to Denmark. There, he attended a music school and at the age of 28 decided to move back to Poland. It all kind of sounds familiar to me, except for the musical talent that is. He’s band plays a very different type of music. While it technically starts off as folk, with an accordion as the lead instrument, Czesław himself describes his music as pure pop. That’s also the name of his recent album; “Pop”.

The concert was a lot of fun, though club Alibi probably let in double the capacity allowed inside. It was a little cramped and tough for me to do any decent recording. I also hate the fact that smoking is allowed inside clubs here. Right before the concert started, a person went on stage and politely asked everyone not to smoke during the concert. That of course meant that every single smoker grabbed for a cigarette that very instance, to smoke one technically before the concert started. It was an odd thing to see, as if these people couldn’t hold off smoking for an hour. It was both weird and stupid.

Above is a short video I recorded from the concert, below a few photos from that night, and at the very bottom I will embed an official Czesław music video, it’s the one song really stuck in my head right now. Enjoy.

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