Sobótka Bike Ride

I’ve written about Ślęża, our holy mountain, in a previous post. The biggest town around it is Sobótka, and that’s where we began our short 22km bike ride. The town also happens to be where my aunt and uncle live, and it was a great opportunity to see them as well. With GPS in hand, it took us 4 hours to finish the ride. 1 hour 45 minutes of actual riding, 2 hours 15 minutes of stopping, taking photographs, recording a short film, relaxing, having tea, eating sandwiches, more relaxing… It was a Sunday after all, and the trip was meant to get us out of the house, not qualify for Tour de France.

The weather is still fairly nice, and with the sun out I can’t get enough of all the autumn colors. I’ve just never seen so many reds, yellows, and trees in general in Los Angeles. You really feel the season here. The ride wasn’t hard, and while we had to walk our bikes up one hill, it was fairly flat all around. But that’s not how I remembered it as a kid. I did this route about 18 years ago with my cousins, and it felt like a killer marathon back then. Now it’s nothing.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

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  1. Gus says:

    Please…tell me more about this ‘short film’ that you two created.

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