The Bike Ride on Film

The reason why the bike trip described in the post below took us so long is because of my experimenting with a movie mode on my DSLR. Nikon’s D90 was the first to implement a movie mode at a time when everyone was strictly against such innovations in the Digital SLR world. But here were are a few years later and it’s hard to find a noteworthy DSLR without the movie feature.

D90’s movie mode isn’t the best, and it certainly lacks behind the newest Canon T2i (EOS 550), but I’ve never really used it and wanted to see what I could come up with. The film below is both a test of the movie mode and my filming/editing skills. I hope you enjoy it. The recently released Nikon D7000 has an updated movie mode, but at $1,400 dollars I’d need to find me a sponsor first.

I prefer Vimeo for my video uploads, but since YouTube works with all Apple products and Vimeo doesn’t, here’s the YouTube version.

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