While taking a walk on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we noticed that a new Starbucks location will soon be opened in the center square of Wrocław. You really couldn’t ask for a better location to sell overpriced coffee. I’m assuming it’s aimed at tourists that simply follow the brand they already know, as there are plenty of coffee shops with cheaper coffee all around.

The first location was opened across the street from Wrocław’s University at the Grunwaldzki Center and was supposedly aimed at students. However knowing how frugal Polish students are I have a hard time believing anyone there is actually spending 14 zlotys ($5 dollars) on coffee. While having coffee at one of the smaller shops near the center square I asked the barista what she thought about Starbucks opening up and if she was concerned with them taking over their customers.

“Even in Poland not everyone likes Starbucks coffee. Its got a specific taste, it’s expensive, and they tend to have their own customer base” said the young woman with a smile on her face.

“Our customers are the business professionals from banks and companies all around us and loyal customers who prefer a small family-owned shop environment. Frequent customers that buy their coffee to-go appreciate that I remember their orders and thus can shorten their wait time, some even send us post cards from their vacation spots”.

I prefer small shops myself and will do my part by not going into that Starbucks myself. Well, maybe once to see what it’s like inside. But one advantage it will have for sure is space and WiFi internet. I found out that for reasons unknown the owner of the small shop does not want to hook up WiFi at all. Perhaps to minimize cost, or maybe to keep internetless laptop owners at bay, I’m not sure what to think about this move.

On one hand I hate it when I can’t get a table for 10 minutes to drink my coffee cause of some laptop junkie who’s been there for the past 7 hours. On the other hand, I’m kind of a laptop junkie myself and think that since even Wrocław is investing in free WiFi spots, an internet connection in a modern coffee shop should be standard. Or maybe we could just use coffee shops to…you know, get coffee. This is confusing!