The Mexican

It’s not just a bad Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt movie, it’s also a Mexican food restaurant in Wrocław that tries, but fails terribly, to serve food from south of the border. Well, south for the folk in the States that is.

The restaurant has a pretty cool decor going, with tequila bottles lining the bar, chandeliers made from cerveza bottles, Mexican style architecture inside, and waiters with hats and gun holsters. It’s pretty dark inside, Spanish music playing, though no mariachi bands but Spanish rock instead. The overall atmosphere was good, until I received my so called “chile con carne”.

I’m not sure what it was, but chile con carne it was not. It was more of an over salted ground beef with tortillas on the side that didn’t remind me of any Mexican dish I’ve ever had. Perhaps it’s not possible to duplicate the Mexican taste with Polish ingredients, or perhaps this kitchen needs a couple real Mexicans to show them how to get things done.

Karolina’s vegetarian burrito was a little closer to a “Taco Bell” burrito, but then again I have no idea what a vegetarian burrito is supposed to taste like, and I’m not sure if Mexican’s ever made anything with green peas inside. To top off this non-Mexican Mexican meal we ordered a margarita that was supposed to have Tequila inside, but it was nowhere to be tasted. Just ice and some overly sweet syrup. And no, we did not order the non-alcoholic version.

I’ve heard that The Mexican is a hip place to go for dinner, have beers, and party. Just don’t be surprised when it doesn’t taste anything like what it’s supposed to. But then again what would one expect from a place that has a “The Client is Always Wrong” sign above the door.

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  1. Gus says:

    Was there anyone there resembling a Mexican? That would have been your first clue that it was meant to fail.

  2. polvadis says:

    I forgot to check. Next time I’m at a Mexican place I’ll take a picture of you out from my wallet for comparison and look around the kitchen.

    1. Gus says:

      But you don’t have one of me wearing my sombrero and Pancho Villa mustache.

      Also, I think your fast food may suffer from not having Mexican’s in the kitchen.

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