Berlin’s Tegel airport was opened in 1948 to accommodate bigger planes necessary for the Berlin Airlift, a humanitarian mission led by the U.S. and allied forces to bring help to people of Berlin. The airport then grew to become western Germany’s hub for all international flights. It also played a huge military role during the Cold War era.

I flew out of Tegel on my way to Sicily in September. I have to say that I wasn’t at all impressed with that airport. The very heavy looking cement buildings gave off a massive but very sad appearance. Everything was gray, everything was cold, and only after the sun came up it gave the main building a bit of color. The inside decor was a similar experience. Visibly old, the terminals looked in desperate need of some TLC (tender love and care), but it’s not going to happen. Tegel will close in 2012, the year a brand new Berlin airport, and the most modern European hub, is going to open.

Since I won’t be flying out of Berlin any time soon I thought I’d post some photos from my visit a couple of months ago. I’m on my second trip to Sicily now, but as I type this I’m sitting in Warsaw’s Chopin Airport waiting for a flight to Rome, and I flew out of Wroclaw which is only a 10 minute drive from my home. So long Tegel.