RayTracker in Sicily

If you’ve never been to one, you owe it to yourself to see a solar plant up close and personal. During my time at Energy Innovations and then at RayTracker I’ve seen photos, been to trade shows, and had a general idea that solar power required space, a lot of it, but we only had small installations and not much to go out and see. That has all changed and now RayTracker is pumping out megawatts upon megawatts of their innovative solar trackers, five of those megawatts happening in Sicily, Italy.

I had the pleasure of standing right in the middle of the plant in its final stage of construction, and this thing is BIG. Big enough to take panorama shot from far away just to fit it all, but that’s also because of the site lay out. Being familiar with the product I was able to answer questions from the contractor, do a whole lot of inspecting and testing, and take hundreds of photos mostly for documentation, but also because it’s a hobby of mine.

Now if only Poland was solar friendly…but looking at the completely gray sky outside…it’s not gonna happen.

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  1. M Schneider says:

    Slav – Love it! I wish we could so you a big plant…
    See the link below…

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