Ponikwa, pronounced Poneekva, is a small town in the south of Poland in the Lower Silesia region, just a few miles away from the Chech border. So close in fact, that our cell phones would constantly show us as roaming abroad. There really isn’t much going on in this town, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s quiet, it has a small town atmosphere to it, it’s got great food, it’s in the mountains, and it’s cheap. I’m sure it would love to be more of a tourist mecca, but for now we like it just the way it is.

Karolina and her group of friends organized this weekend getaway, it was through their high school trips many years ago that they first learned of this place. Now, long after high school, going to Ponikwa has become sort of an annual pilgrimage. The old gang, telling old stories, still having just as much fun, and still enjoying Ponikwa. Winter surprised us all and there was snow all around. Everything covered in white powder made for some truly majestic scenery. It also made for some exciting driving to get there.

I’ve never driven a car so out of control as my 20 year old time machine of a BMW on snow and ice. Snow tires do exactly nothing on slick roads, and having a rear wheel drive car doesn’t help either. The smallest wrong move and I feel like a prom queen dancing all over the place. I’m getting used to it, basically controlling the out-of-controllness; drifting seems easy now, and U-turns have never been easier. But snow and ice driving sure is tricky.

We got there and back safe and sound, and had a great time with a great group of friends. I’m looking forward for another Ponikwa!

All of our photos can be viewed here: Ponikwa Pictures