Winter’s Here

Waking up in the morning to a yard full of snow is very romantic. That is until your brain processes that there’s about two hours of snow shoveling ahead of you. I’d say the romance lasts about 2 minutes every morning, the time it takes me to fully wake up and fully understand the aftermath of a foot of snow that has fallen over night.

I actually like all this so far. I’ve never really had to snow plow my yard before, and being that I have a lot of time on my hands it works out just fine. It would be worse if I had to do it all in a hurry just to get my car out of the yard, and then be stuck for two hours on the road 0n my way to work, a drive that would usually take just twenty minutes, because there is no snow plow in sight and there are cars stuck in the snow everywhere as people here tend to be completely surprised that snow has fallen in winter, AGAIN, and have no idea how to drive when that happens. I’m new to driving on the snow, but if you lived your entire life in Wrocław, what excuse do you have?

Major city roads tend to get some sort of a snow plow treatment at least once a day, but small neighborhoods such as mine are left all on their own. My street has become a single track road, where people just follow the grooves made by someone else right down the center of the street. My neighbor and I did a pretty good job of clearing our sides of the street and the sidewalk, all that pointless of course as we’re pretty much the only ones so the rest of the street still looks like a single center-lane road. Ohh… and it’s cold too. It’s -10C (14F) right now at 10am. But hey, I finally got the winter I always wanted.


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  1. Asia says:

    Ale sniegu!

    Juz nie bede narzekala ze tutaj zimno 🙂

  2. Gus says:

    Snow covered houses and cars always look cool in pictures, and it conjures up images of being warmed by a fireplace and some hot chocolate, as if you never have to step outside.

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