El Fidel

Right outside of Wrocław’s city square is a small, hole in the wall, restaurant with a catchy play on words of a name. Fidel Gastro, as in gastronomy, the study of the relationship between food and culture, is a clever name for a food joint, I must admit. I’m just not sure it is in great, well, taste.

I’m fairly certain some of the 11 million citizens of the Republic of Cuba would find it offensive. “The Dictator of Taste” is written right underneath a face shot of the dictator himself,  I suppose to underline just how great the food inside must be. But Fidel is wearing a chef’s hat, so maybe it is all just funny after all.

I’m a little curious of their cuisine myself and will to stop by to determine on my own if the food matches the name. But what taste would best fit the sign outside? Would the food be cold and ruthless? Would it have a hint of a 1955 Buick? Maybe smell of the Russian missile crisis? I shall report back soon.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gus says:

    I’m guessing it might also taste old.

  2. Kalibracja says:

    Love your blog! I´m following you!

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