The Italian Job

Should it still be called Italian food while at an airport in Rome, or should it just be food? I had about three hours to spare on every single lay over  on my last visit to Sicily and walked around aimlessly taking photos here and there. But as it turns out Italians are not too pleased with picture happy tourists and I usually had only one shot at taking a photo right before the store employee would either yell at me or wave their hand at me to go away. Well, here’s to you Mr. Angry Italian Food Employee, I got a photo of your store anyway, even though you waved me away and stood by the door with a pissed off face for an hour.

On the last day of the trip we had a visitor on the site. Long after the sun had set a fox came out of a field full of RayTrackers. I was asked by our marketing director to take some shots of our product together with wildlife, but I wasn’t at all prepared to see a fox. Much less one that walked totally unafraid all around looking for food. Apparently this fox is a frequent visitor, so said the security guards on site, which explains why it’s used to people by now. It was too dark to get a decent photo of it with our product installed, but I got the fox just fine.

Here are a few more photos from the last trip. It is a business trip after all and most of my photos are either from the bed and breakfast, the small town on the way to the site, or the site itself which I’m not sure I can freely post here. Enjoy.


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  1. Jo says:

    In UK you have foxes walking around towns and cities every night, like in Poland you’ve got cats 😀

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