During Wrocław’s Christas fair I had my first taste of edible chestnuts. I must admit I have no idea where these things have been hiding from me all my life, they are really really delicious. Filling, too, I only had a few and felt stuffed, but that could also be due to mulled wine we had right afterward.

Not knowing how to eat them, how to get them out of the shell that is, I asked the vendor what to do. He kindly showed me the process, but looked a little odd showing it to me with out saying a word. We quickly found out that he’s German, and the only words in Polish he knows is “duże” or “małe”, meaning big or small, for the two sizes of bags he was selling. He told us that this was his first time selling in Poland, and a first time for roasted chestnuts in Wrocław as well.

Here are a few photos from that evening. Photo credit for the green chestnut, and for more information on which chestnuts to eat and which to avoid, click here.