Jarek Sępek is a traveler, journalist, and a photographer. I stumbled upon his blog a while ago and have been following his travels ever since mostly for the incredible photos he’s been posting, but also because he’s doing what I’d love to do myself, living the life. Reading through his posts, looking at his photos and videos, makes me want to just get up and go somewhere, anywhere, meet people, see places, never look back and keep moving forward.

But the truth is that’s not me and I know it. I like to travel, but I also need more stability in my life; a place to call home, a person to go back to, a dog to kick in the morning (joke). Knowing this much about myself is good, so I visit his blog and make distant travel plans; just because I don’t want to live my life out of a suitcase doesn’t mean I can’t go there one day for vacation 😉

To visit his blog click on “Sępek Świata” in the Blogroll on the right side.
To visit his previous travelers, though written up in Polish, go to http://www.sepekswiata.pl/podroze

Here’s his latest film on driving through Australia.