Crash Report

Today all of Poland is a buzz about the crash report delivered by the Interstate Aviation Committee regarding the presidential plane crash from April 10th of last year. The report puts all blame for the crash on the pilots of the plane and their decision to land in very bad weather conditions.

I’m not about to get into political war with people about this, all I know is that opinions are like assholes and that everyone’s got one. There seem to be two sides to take here; one) they did it, and two) we screwed up, but we’ll still blame somebody else for it. The fact that “hey, maybe we eFed up” is completely not in question here. I personally am amazed how divided this country is and how actively in search of new disagreeable subjects people here are.

The bits and pieces of the report I’ve read online so far make a lot of sense. Then again the questions people in Poland are asking make sense, too. And while the truth probably lays somewhere in the middle, we’ll never know it; because even if we were given the complete truth, we wouldn’t believe it.

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