Chicken Breast

It all started a few months ago when I wanted to make chicken for dinner. I’m no stranger to cooking, but when the lady behind the counter said she’s all out of chicken breast but can sell me the whole chicken instead, I was little dumbfounded.

I brought the bird home and stared at it for a few minutes, out of respect I think, I don’t know. I’m used to the skinless, boneless, versions of my chicken, not just a featherless version. But once I got to working on it I had chicken pieces done in no time. Chicken breast out, legs and wings out, I even cut out and boiled the neck part and gave it to the Charlie dog. It was surprisingly easy and provided me with enough meat for a chicken noodle soup and honey-pineapple chicken breasts with cauliflower. Afterward I used the empty corpus as a hand puppet. Just kidding.

Oddly enough it turns out buying a whole chicken here is less expensive then getting just the boneless/skinless chicken breast. Almost half the price actually, depending on the size of the chicken. I’ve been getting whole chickens ever since simply due to the amount of meat I get per chicken as opposed to just getting the breast. Gotta count the dollars these days since I’ not actually earning any at the moment.

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