Do It Yourself – Zrób to Sam

Posted on a wall in the corner of Wrocław’s Market Square is a very controversial piece of art. Signed simply “Zrób to Sam” with an English translation “Do It Yourself”, the sculpture represents Jesus Christ, a cross, nails, and a hammer, asking us the viewers to follow through on the rest.

Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz is the author of this sculpture and the said idea came to him while visiting a factory where church decorations were being assembled. He witnessed all the pieces laid out on an assembly table while workers were nailing Jesus to the wooden cross, few hundred pieces per hour. Get Stankiewicz, used to assembling plastic models in his youth, right away thought of what self assembly instructions would look like and created this sculpture.

There are plenty of forums questioning the ideology behind this art. All question reasons behind it; some point out that we as church going Christians do this ourselves with our every day actions,  and some are baffled how this could be displayed next to a church in a country some 90% Roman Catholic. One thing’s for sure, it causes you to think which in my opinion is exactly what this was meant to do.


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  1. chruściel says:

    I recalled about this sculpture after 5 years, and I think I’ll never forgot it:)
    I think that is a point of art, so this is a grate piece of it. I am not surprised that it hangs in same center of city:)

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