Eat’o’Mania – Jadłomania

Across the street from our favorite coffee shop Dwie Małpy “The Two Mokneys”, is a newly opened self-serve restaurant selling food by the pound, well, by the kilogram actually.

Jadłomania, loosely translates into Eat’o’mania, and serves very delicious food indeed. Garlic and spinach stuffed chicken breast with baked potatoes and green beans were my choice, lasagna was Karolina’s. It was all very good and I highly recommend it. Too bad I missed an opportunity to pick up the half off coupon on, it could have been a better deal. The local is also very tidy and spacious, and the upstairs has a very cool window view.

They’re located on: ul. Ruska 62, Wrocław;
and on the web:

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