Birthdays and Interviews

I turned 29 years old this past Friday and I’d like to thank everyone that remembered for their wishes. It was a very good day for me indeed. I had two job interviews scheduled that day and was pretty happy with the outcome of them both. In the evening my family members decided to surprise me and started showing up at my place one by one with a birthday cake, bottles of goodness, and presents. I wasn’t expecting anyone because we were all going to see each other a ball the next day, but it was great to spend my first birthday since my return with family members I haven’t seen in a long time.

One of the companies I interviewed with was SMG Polska, Polish branch of SMG World, a company that oversees 222 stadiums and conference centers all over the world and will organize all events at Wrocław’s new stadium that’s being build especially for next years Euro 2012 soccer event. The interview went well and I actually had a second one today, we’ll see what comes out of it. Unknowingly I dealt with SMG before when setting up RayTracker’s booth at the InterSolar event in Moscone Center in San Francisco, SMG operates that conference hall. They also operate the Long Beach Aquarium, so I guess I had two run ins with them so far.

This low resolution photo was taken at InterSolar some three years ago. It’s impressive how far RayTracker’s come since then; there’s no need now for a funny computer graphic simulating a field of RayTrackers. Today a single photo of a 5MW plant would be enough to fill the entire back drop, assuming we’d scale the photo down.

The other interview was with Govecs, a startup electric scooter manufacturer. Had to remind myself all the good stuff I once learned about LEAN Manufacturing; 5S, Just in Time, SMED. I kept thinking that I should have listened more to and make less fun of our Production Specialist back at WET, sorry Mr. Barker, turns out you actually made sense after all. Too bad I didn’t get one LEAN question during the interview, but it went well and now I get to wait while sending out more resumes. Cool thing about Govecs is they will soon have an employee purchase program and I’ve always wanted to ride a scooter to work.

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