Job Found

With a little bit of birthday interview luck I was offered a Process Engineer position over at Govecs, the electric scooter company I had mentioned earlier. I met up with the co-founder of Govecs once again last week to go over some questions I had regarding the company and my position there, and I start March 1st. So it’s time to take down the Job Wanted section along with my resumes and focus on the job at hand. There’s a three month temporary period ahead of me, no pressure at all as long as I prove myself worthy 😉

I found a few videos of Govecs on the interwebs. It’s pretty cool how quiet that scooter is and how quickly it picks up speed on the video above. And on the video below you can see my boss juggling if you fast forward past the German speak to the 3:33 mark.

I should also state that I do not agree with my buddy Jeff and that I don’t think electric scooters are like fat chicks…



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  1. Claudia says:


    Interview on your b-day and job offer on v-day, the celebrations never end! I guess next up is good news on Presidents’ Day?

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