Physical Exam

I had to get my physical exam yesterday to be officially cleared for work. Such is a standard requirement of every employer in Poland. The funny thing is that on the ‘work order’ I took with me to the doctor it said: must be able to work in front of a computer for longer than 4 hours. This also a boiler plate statement used by most technology companies but it really made me laugh.

The process is really pointless in my opinion. It all took over an hour of which only a total of four minutes was spent with an actual doctor. The optometrist asked me to look at a wall and read back some letters, never actually looking to confirm as if she remembered all of the letters by heart. While waiting for my next doctor I overheard a conversation of two girls next to me, both wearing glasses:

-So how did you do?
-I guessed the letters.
-Really? And you passed?
-Yeah, I’m blind as a bat even with these glasses.

Best of all, these are the new Quality Control professionals at the local LCD TV plant near Wrocław. I’m sad to say this, but if you see a TV made in Poland perhaps it’s best to let it go.

My second doctor went down the list of illnesses asking me if I had ’em or not but marking all “NO” without ever waiting for an answer. She did check my blood pressure though, and laughed when I couldn’t tell her my height in centimeters. She was surprised to find out my weight, said I didn’t look it 🙂 but then told me to go on a diet 😦

It’s amazing how eager I am to start working already, I never thought I’d say this, but can I please get to work now?

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  1. Isaiah says:

    I am happy to hear that there is a highly functioning quality bureaucracy to ensure the work force is not incompetent. If only there was some level of efficiency like that in this country… oh, wait…

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