Honey Beer

I can’t say that I was ever much of a beer drinker. I generally like the taste but most beers are just too bitter for me, especially all the IPA’s out there, and would leave a bad taste in my mouth for other beers afterward. That is until I had a taste of honey beer here in Poland. Turns out all I really needed is some sweetness in my beer, a little sugar in my love potion if you know what I mean.

Honey beer is great; it’s sweet, it’s got a strong beer taste, and at 8.1% alcohol content it’s got a freakin’ kick to it, that’s for all of you who were about to call me a pansy. I remember a time when Trader Joe’s used to sell Oregon Honey Beer for a while, but only a few short weeks after I found this out they stopped carrying it. When I first started drinking honey beer the selection in Poland seemed rather small at best. Ciechan Honey Beer is one that’s most commonly found in select stores around Wrocław, but at 5 zlotys ($1.8usd) per half a liter bottle it’s a bit pricey and they always charge you extra for the glass bottle if you don’t bring an empty one with you in exchange. Kiper, shown here on the photos, is by far the best honey beer I’ve ever had. Served to me by my uncle Andrew it’s got everything a honey beer should have, but the brand is difficult to find around Wrocław. Slowly I see many beer makers introduce their honey flavor into the mix and I’m sure by the time summer hits there will be plenty to choose from. So a toast to the bees, cheers!

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