Long Live The Queen!

Tomorrow Karolina and I are flying over to Great Britain to visit our friends Joanna and Hamish in Watford, England located some 20 miles north west of London. With the exception of a brief layover at Heathrow airport I’ve never been to England and neither has Karolina. This is shaping up to be a great 5 day get away because you know, I’ve been working like 3 weeks now…

The British Pounds are bloody expensive (1USD = 1.6 British Pounds) and their physical size fits their value a bit as well, these bills are HUGE! They follow the same model the Euro or even the Polish Zloty does, the size of the paper bill increases with its value, but a 20 pound bill is already sticking out of my wallet. I’d like to see the average size of an Englishman’s wallet, I suppose if I ask one nicely they’ll show it to me, maybe even hand it over?

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  1. Ron Kelley says:

    Beware of the Brits – look what they did to the middle east…………

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