Last of England – Day 5

Our fifth day in England was very relaxing and after running around the previous few days it was exactly what we needed. We did however take a ride into St. Albans to see ‘Ye Olde Fighting Cocks’ , a pub which claims to be the oldest pub in England.

Dating back to the 8th century, ‘The Fighting’ as it has been known by locals, holds the actual Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest pub in England. A claim that at least two other pubs in England are not too kosher with stating their own, even older roots in English history. The place was packed on a beautiful Sunday morning so much so that by 11am the kitchen was already closed and we had to get our breakfast elsewhere. We did however manage to order a jug of traditional Pimms; a gin based alcoholic beverage served over ice and mixed with fruit and lemonade. It’s an Englishman’s Sangria 🙂  great for warm and sunny days. The pub itself does have an extremely old feeling to it, with very low ceilings and general lack of space for all modern commodities behind the bar, it seemed as if the bar tenders were a little squished inside, especially on that particular busy morning.

This was our last tour day in England and the next morning we boarded our flight back to Poland. Once again a big THANK YOU to Jo and Hamish for being great hosts, we would have never seen as much if it wasn’t for you!

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