We visited Marrakesh twice during our trip, once at the beginning of our guided tour, and then again on our way back to Agadir. The second time around we ate lunch at Dar Es-Salam, a restaurant made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s 19556 classic “The Man Who Knew Too Much”. The movie itself was actually shot inside, as opposed to another movie with a famous title that were entirely studio filmed, but I will get to that later.

During our first stay in Marrakesh, nearly a week earlier, we had the pleasure of witnessing Moroccan pride at its finest. Morocco was playing a football (soccer) match with their eastern neighbor Algeria in the fourth round of qualifying for the CAN2012 (Coupe d’Afrique, or Africa Cup of Nations). Morocco doesn’t hold any political ties with Algeria, and their dispute over western Sahara region looks similar to the DMZ zone between North and South Korea. Everyone was wearing Moroccan bright red colors, people were riding their cars and scooter with flags, small children shouting national slogans, it was a crazy evening to be out and about the city. Morocco won the match 4-0 which was the topic of every discussion the following day.