Monster Jam in Wrocław!

Wrocław’s Euro2011 stadium is almost complete and to kick things off we’ve got Monster Jam coming to town!

Grave Digger and the gang are all set for their inaugural September 9th show. Today we saw some cool blow up advertising for it in the center square. Tickets range from 109 to 129 zlotys ($38-$44 bucks) and that ain’t exactly cheap if we’re talking about bringing the average family of four on a Polish salary out to see the event. We’re thinking about tickets ourselves but can’t quite justify the cost-to-fun ratio just yet. Then again this may be a once in a lifetime Monster Jam show in Wrocław so it might be worth it.

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  1. You almost had me fooled with that inflatable Grave Digger. I say go for it, for the sake of your blog.

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