Polish Black Friday?

I was never a Black Friday person. Especially with internet shopping coming around thru the years I never really understood why anyone would line up at 3am to get a ‘deal’. From recent news articles, however, I can see that most Americans don’t share my belief since all big retail chains have pushed the boundary of when to open their store more so than ever, opening up at midnight or even 10pm right after the holiday. Yet who am I to judge; wanna go…go.

But when I saw this here ad on a Polish website advertising special deals on Friday Nov. 25th starting from midnight and lasting only 9 hours I had to ask WTF???

Surely it’s no coincidence that this company is doing it on the exact same day Black Friday takes place. Some advertising person copying every trick in the book from their American friends thought it would be a good idea.  There’s only one seemingly unimportant yet major difference with Poland and the U.S.: Poland does not celebrate Thanksgiving!!!

Black Friday is to Thanksgiving as the blue screen of death is to a Windows based computer; you just can’t have one without the other.  So why even bother with such deals in Poland? Someone please explain!

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