Merry Christmas

Finally it’s here. The time of the year every kid loves and every adult want’s to be over and done with as soon as possible. Christmas in Poland is a tricky business. Poland is the second most stressed out country in Europe when it comes to Christmas cheer, somehow the Czech’s have us beaten. What this means is that more than almost anyone else out there Polish people dread this jolly time of the year.

Sitting on a cozy couch in Starbucks, something I haven’t done not once this year, I am drinking a gingerbread latte, listening to American Christmas carols, and feeling a little sentimental. After my Christmas party at work and with only a day left before the holiday, this coffee and carols is barely the second time so far that I’ve really felt good about the upcoming Christmas.

Everyone around seems too busy for their own good, the city is a huge mess to get through due to shoppers, and presents this year have been somewhat more difficult to come up with then ever. Why can’t someone just tell me what they want? The atmosphere around everywhere I go is that of holiday stress as opposed to holiday cheer. I don’t feel that I’m a Grinch… I just hope we can all actually enjoy what this season is supposed to bring: families closer, wineglass conversations with the ones we care for, rest from the every day life, carol singing in the local church, a little love into our households… that kind of stuff.

So my wish to everyone this Christmas is to take a step back, zoom out a little, and enjoy all that we have with the ones that we love.

Merry Christmas and Wesołych Świąt!

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