My Android Hero


With a new year came new opportunities… and new challenges. One of my challenges is lack of an internet connection at my apartment. There is a long story to how a relationship with my internet service provider came to a screetching halt and a sudden, noticeless, disconnection effective January 1st… but I won’t get into it just yet.

My phone, however, is one of the opportunities of this new 2012. To make things clear perhaps I should state that I’m not a geek, but more of a tech aficionado if you will. So you could imagine the smile on my face when I received a call from my mobile carrier saying I am now eligible for a phone upgrade. I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t afford it without my carrier subsidizing it for me.

And so it goes that my only connection with the outside world from my apartment is through my Samsung Galaxy S Plus. Sure it’s not the SII, cause it’s half the price, and sure it’s just an upgraded Galaxy S with a bigger battery and an overclocked processor, but this model was the one that settled beautifully in the ‘bang for the buck’ sweet spot.

Android of course is my weapon of choice and so far I just can’t get enough. I toyed around with Android before on a much smaller scale with my old phone but was looking for more of an iOS experience I had on my iPod Touch. With Gingerbread I got all I wanted and more. I shouldn’t be getting too comfortable with it since Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly making its upgrade rounds, but playing around now is heeps of fun.

How much do I like my Android? Well, enough to express my joy via a green Android on my car. Suck it white apple stickers all over town! 🙂

BTW; this post made possible through my Android hero!

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  1. Claudia says:

    Passion for the road!

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