The Carnival

This ain’t no Rio, but Poland likes to party just as much during the carnival time. This past weekend we danced the night away in a small town of Bierutów about 45kms outside of Wrocław. Karolina’s friends are from there and we met up with them along with two other couples to occupy a table of our own at the party.

The party took place at a brand new hotel/restaurant called Markus. In fact, our party was its inaugural event. I liked the food, though some complained it was too bland, and I thought the music was alright as well while others said there was too much Disco Polo going on. All I know is that I had a really good time, and that I should probably take some dancing lessons cause our friends can seriously move around the dance floor. I especially applaud Asia and Piotrek for their swing moves. I used to do a bit of swing back in my Podhale “Polish Folkdance” days, but can’t remember a thing today. It looked pretty awesome and made me wish I could do it, too. Need to hook that up.

But dancing isn’t all we did that evening. We also spent a fair amount of time looking at the people around us wondering what on God’s earth were they thinking when they decided to dress that way to a formal event. Granted, my Snoopy tie wasn’t all the rage and was probably the funniest just to myself, but it surely wasn’t the worst thing worn that night…

Our friends’ parents house, at which we spent the night, was some 150 yards away from the dance hall so it didn’t take us much at all to walk back in the middle of the night. There, we were served delicious breakfast and dinner and I’d like to thank the ‘parents’ again for their hospitality. It was a good weekend.

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  1. Patryk says:

    It Was great weekend 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!

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