Happy 30th

It’s my 30th birthday today. Yay, happy birthday to me! My coworkers had a lot of fun with that while I treated them to a customary bag of candy everyone brings in on their birthdays.

“Are those wrinkles under your eyes?”
“Time to settle down, start a family, kids, plant a tree, all that stuff”
“Hey dude, you’re old!”

What does 30 mean to me? I don’t know exactly. Surely it means that I am 10 years behind my parents on starting a family, they were 20 when I was born. It also means that I should get my shit in order, stop acting like a big kid sometimes, or at least act the grown up part. But will the kid within me let go? It better…

By most accounts I’m not doing too bad. I have a beautiful girlfriend, a good job, live in peace with my folks that put a roof over my head, have a hobby that keeps me entertained on cold winter evenings… there’s plenty more to mention but what I’m getting at is that turning 30 doesn’t change much at all. Sure, I need to consider that I’m not getting any younger, but things are alright and will hopefully get even better.

So yeah, happy birthday to me.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Happy birthday!
    The mention of the beautiful girlfriend, the roof over your head and that ellipsis make me think I know what that hobby of yours is that keeps you entertained on cold evenings!

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