I still remember Jeep commercials from some time ago with a catchy phrase at the end: Jeep – There’s Only One.
Well, apparently the Chinese didn’t get the memo.

Copying everything from Nike’s to lead tainted baby formula, it should be no surprise that Jeep also made the cut. I present to you Beijing Auto Works’ BJ2023Z2CKE.

I’m no expert, but if a name that long doesn’t sell cars I don’t know what will. From the information I’ve been able to gather around the interwebs it appears this was somehow meant to be a copy of a Jeep Wrangler, yet it it’s pretty obvious that it took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. We found this one parked in Agadir, Morocco during our vacation last year. It caught my eye from a distance and I sniffed around a bit.

All jokes aside, this probably makes for a very reliable desert vehicle due to its sheer simplicity. A very first version of this off-roader, model BJ212, was actually based on a Russian UAZ pictured to the right back in 1965. It’s plain to see that there hasn’t been much progression in styling since.

I shouldn’t be so hard on this copycat. It was actually good to see something as different as this car in a country full of old Peugeot’s and Dacia Logan’s. I wish I could have driven it around sand dunes somewhere but it would probably feel just like driving our 1971 Plymouth to the Grand Canyon during the summer many years ago. I remember the trip well, but most of all I remember how everything inside was so hot you couldn’t touch a damn thing. Everything inside a 1971 Plymouth is metal, and everything inside a 1971 Plymouth will be 120°F if that’s how hot it is outside! So I think what I’m really saying is that I wish I could have taken this to the desert, but I’m glad that I didn’t.