Frankenstein – The Musical

Last weekend we saw Frankenstein, a musical put together by Wrocław’s own Capitol Theater. If I had to summarize it in one word, it would have to be awesome. Or sexy. Or bizarre. Or humorous. Or disgusting. Or maybe just… Frankenlicious!

The almost three hour long spectacle was really a lot of fun and if you’re in Wrocław I highly recommend you see it. It starts off pretty fast and doesn’t stop one bit throughout the show keeping you entertained while the hours pass. One thing I never really knew about Mary Shelly’s story was how sexually charged it could be.

Capitol Theater is currently undergoing renovation to their original building, so they’re using stages throughout Wrocław to display their performances. Frankenstein was showing next to the bicentennial hall and I didn’t particularly like the seating arrangement. The view was good, it’s just that the seats made you sit so deep you had to stretch your neck at times to see what was going on towards the front of the stage.

The sound was great and music together with all the singing sounded really good. So good in fact, that yesterday I went out and got the soundtrack CD from the show. Can’t really remember the last time I actually bought a CD so that’s gotta mean something. The songs of course while beautifully performed would make no sense to anyone who can’t associate the song to an actual part played on the stage. Listening to it now is like reliving the show all over again.

It’s a must if you like having a good time.

Here’s a very short trailer.

Here are a few clips from the musical, with commentary in Polish.

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