Girl Scout Cookies

I was really surprised today by a buddy and a former boss of mine, none other than Mr. Phil Lee himself.

It began a few days ago with a post office summons to pick up a package. I didn’t order anything nor was I expecting any mail so I figured it must have been something stupid like a past due bill that needed a signature or something 😉 I mean seriously, what else do you get in the mail these days besides bills?

So to today I head over to the post office straight after work and a good 30 minute wait later the lady behind the counter tells me to walk over to another side where a bigger package could be pushed through a little whole in the wall. A package, and a big one, too? “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” hehe

After a while a hefty sized box arrived with familiar U.S. Post Office stampings and a customs form content that made me laugh out loud much to the amusement of everyone inside: “contents: girl scout cookies”.

No name on the box but a return Glendale address and girl scout cookies inside made it all too clear. Upon opening the box a letter explained it all: to avoid cookie obesity Phil decided to send out a few boxes to the furthest corner of the world he actually had an address to. I won!

Phil’s daughter Kristen has been active in the Girl Scouts cookie drive for as long as I’ve known Phil. I know that, cause there’s probably a hundred bucks of mine sponsoring some field trip out there from all the cookies that I’ve bought over the years, mostly from Kristen. What can I say, I just love my Samoans.

You couldn’t have surprised me more, well, besides actually showing up in Poland, then you did today Phil. Thank you very much for remembering. It’s an honor to have people like you and Gus as my friends who keep me in their thoughts. By the way, please tell Gus that I’m all out of the Guatemalan coffee he sent me a year ago… it would be delicious with the cookies!

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