Product Placement: Sony vs. Apple

We just watched a fairly good overdue romantic comedy Friends With Benefits and Karolina and I both can’t stop talking about how obvious all of Sony’s product placement was in that movie. Sony TV’s everywhere, VAIO laptops on every desk, and not a single iPhone in sight with Sony’s Xperia in every hand. You seriously want people to believe that there isn’t a single iPhone in GQ magazine’s art department? Not a single MacBook either? C’mon, who are you trying to kid?

It just so happens that Karolina has a Vaio and I’ve got a MacBook, but neither of us thinks ours is the wonder product above all else. However, there should be some balance to product placement in movies. One that doesn’t make your focus just on the technology in the said flick and point out every time you see a Sony product.

There was one Apple product in the movie, an iPad which for some reason didn’t work properly and kept rotating the “Bible App” the wrong way only to be reset after a good etch-a-sketch shaking. Not only did Sony pay for movie rights they paid to bad mouth Apple as well, nice!

I’m writing this cause I’m pissed off that someone out there really takes us, the consumers, for idiots. I’m not gonna buy an Xperia phone cause I saw it in a movie. Make your phone feature rich and you’ve got my attention. Making me say “Sony” every 5 minutes during a movie while pointing out your products is just kinda annoying. Then again, I suppose I could just not do that…but I’m a geek…watching a romantic comedy.

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