I am about to put my beloved 4Runner up for sale and while doing some research on what my car might be worth in Poland I found plenty of ads that simply put a smile on my face.

Like this one:

The ad literally states “fulfill your automotive dreams” while listing a car that I wouldn’t want in my worst nightmare, much less a dream. This 5th generation 4Runner looks like it’s been to hell and back, it’s surely no dream of mine to buy a car that needs soooo much work. Honestly I don’t even see how this car would be workable in the States, so I’m a bit confused who would ever buy it in Poland where there’s absolutely zero parts for this American model. To be fair, the ad is mostly for the company importing this car and other like it from the States, but the cars they’re dealing are anything but dreamy. It does have low mileage though!

In either case, there was only one third gen 4Runner listed but it looked like the rust was getting the best of the bodywork, nothing like my completely rust free SoCal beauty.