Rembrandt’s House Museum

Before we even drove into Amsterdam Karolina assured me that there were at least a couple of museums she wanted to see in the city. I’m a tech-geek, so to me the best part of any museum is the free WiFi, unless we’d happen to be in the museum of technology looking over an old Commodore 64… I’m kidding of course. I won’t deny that usually my curiosity within a museum declines by the minute from the point of entry, but Rembrandt museum kept me interested the entire tour.

The museum itself is Rembrandt’s old house located at Jodenbreestraat where the artist lived for almost 20 years. Maybe that by itself was what kept me wondering with curiosity from room to room thinking what it was like to have lived and worked here nearly 400 years ago. To stand in a place where some of his best work was done felt pretty wonderful. To see his actual studio was awesome. The English audio tour delivered via a portable headset explains in great detail every room and some of the more important works hanging on the walls. I highly recommend it.

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