Vincent Van Gogh, The Last of Amsterdam

With a two week delay in posting to this blog, here’s my final goodbye to the city Amsterdam.

On the last day we visited the Van Gogh museum; it was on Karolina’s ‘must see’ list and they had WiFi… kidding!

Van Gogh museum is a huge building with a lot of Van Gogh’s work on display and plenty of people chasing after you for taking photos which are prohibited inside of the museum. The layout of the building is very well though out with Van Gogh’s entire life timeline spread into section all on one floor. Starting from childhood you’re given short descriptions about the time frame you’re standing in front of and works he had done at that time. Even for an art idiot such as myself it was clear to see his progression  and experimentation on canvas. I’d say the bottom floor, which was all Van Gogh, was very impressive. But…there are two more floors and a basement full of art, and that’s where the WiFi came in handy 😉

With no photo’s allowed what you see here is all I’ve got from the museum. There was one interesting exhibit outside that basically redrew one of Van Gogh’s painting in stones in the museum’s courtyard. Looked pretty cool from the top.

And that is where I will bid fair well to Amsterdam. It’s a fun city if you’re up for partying all night, it’s a great city if you’re into art and love spending hours in museums, but for us the city lacked something that would make us ever consider visiting it again. Here are a few photos to finish things off.


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  1. Gus says:

    Is Chopsticks King no enough to deserve a return trip?

  2. Gus says:

    Dang spell check!!! CHIPSY! !!!

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